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12-24 oz. Cold Cup Dome Lid with Opening -1000/Case

the Choice 12-24 oz. translucent cold cup dome lid with opening! This lid fits perfectly on any Choice 12-24 oz. paper cold cups. Because it fits such a wide range of cups, this lid will reduce your product inventory. Having less inventory will not only help you but your employees too by making it easier for them to choose the right lid. Your beverages won't leak thanks to a tight-fitting seal, keeping you and your customers happy. Increase impulse sales and show off your product by having your beverages on full display under the clear lid. With a dome shape, this lid is especially great for adding whipped cream and other toppings. Made from a durable polypropylene plastic, you can rest assured that this lid will handle the demands of take-out. The opening at the top for straws allows customers to enjoy their beverage immediately without having to remove the lid. When they are done with their beverage, customers can conveniently dispose of this lid. Whether you are serving bubble tea, iced coffee drinks, or slushies, you can depend on this lid for all of your take-out needs!

12-24 oz. Cold Cup Flat Lid with Straw Slot for Cup -1000/Case


on-the-go refreshments with this Carnival King 760PCLEMLD16 12 - 24 oz. clear cold cup flat lid with straw slot for lemonade cup!

Featuring a tight-fitting design that helps to reduce spills, this Carnival King 760PCLEMLD16 12 - 24 oz. clear cold cup flat lid ensures easy transport from your cafe, concession stand, kiosk, convenience store, or fast-food restaurant. The translucent construction makes for easy identification of beverages, while the durable polypropylene construction ensures a quality product.

Black Plastic Recolorable Lid for 10-24 Oz Hot Cups, 1000/CS

More Information
Length (Inch) 3.54
Width (Inch) 3.54
Height (Inch) 0.90
Manufacturer USA
Units of measure CS
Discontinued No
Weight (Lbs.) 9.00
Type Filter Lid
Material PP (Polypropylene)
Color Black

Dome Lids for10,12,16, 20 oz. Hot Coffee Cup-Black1000

  • Disposable Plastic Dome lids measure 90 mm/3.5 inches and fit all standard 10, 12, 16 and 20 oz. sized Paper Hot Coffee Cups and are made of sturdy, BPA Free, Black Plastic material.
  • The Coffee Cup Lids are crafted and designed for your convenience, making it possible to take your favorite hot or cold beverage with you wherever you go and keeping yourself as well as your drink safe. The hot cup lid is for coffee, tea, cocoa, apple cider or other favorite shippable.
  • The lids are perfect for traveling, on the go, cafes, coffee shops, food trucks, concession stands, car rides, walking, to go orders, takeout, restaurants, kiosks, convenience stores and just to have a stock handy at home or in the office.
  • The lids are designed with a dome feature that gives extra room between the liquid and rim to allow for topping and movement, as well as an air vent to keep your drink at the perfect temperature. Lid is designed to be drinkable without a straw so the one drinking is able to sip immediately while keeping the cover on and resealable by use of a plug.
  • Convenient Snap-on feature. The lid stays tightly on the cup, secure and snug since it’s sturdy and leakproof, its material makes it durable and is manufactured to remain closed. The Plastic Dome lids keep the heat in your cup, trapping heat from escaping and liquid from spilling. The quality lids will avoid any mess or damage from occurring.

Flat Tear Back Lids for Hot Cup, Coffee Cup, Paper Cup – Fits 10,12,16,20oz Disposable Cups

  • This Lid Fits Hot Cups: SMME-10R-CB, SMME-10R, SMRE-12, SMRE-12-CB, SMRE-16, SMRE-20
  • Made from corn plastic - High Heat *lid delivered as shown
  • Height: .75" (19.05mm) - Diameter 3.5" (88.9mm)
  • Made in USA - Renewable - Eco Friendly
  • Biodegradable Hot Cup Lids
  • Made from high heat crystallized.

Lid for 1 oz PLA Portion Cup | Compostable 2500/CASE

  • Material: Recycle #1 PET (polyethylene terephthalate plastic)
  • Fits .75/1 oz. Cups, sold separately:
  • 100% Recyclable,
  • Designed to snap onto portion cups so users can stack cups.
  • Helps prevents leaks or spills.
  • Perfect for keeping condiments and sauces fresh.

Lid for 2 oz Portion Cup | PLA 2500/CASE

  • Great for ketchup, mustard, sauces, or seasonings!
  • Can be Refrigerated and Frozen!
  • For Cold Food
  • Do NOT Microwave
  • Made from Plants
  • No Added PFAS
  • Great For Delivery and Takeout or To-Go Condiments
  • **Portion Cups are Sold Separately**

White Dome Lid for 10/12/16/20 Oz Cups, 1000/CS

White Dome Lid For 10/12/16/20 Oz Cups, 1000/CS are made from high-quality plastic for durability. The plastic also features a smooth surface that’s comfortable to sip from. The lids easily but firmly pop over the cups’ rolled rims for a secure, leak-proof fit. They make drinking hot and cold beverages safer and more enjoyable for your customers.