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16 OZ Vintage Single Wallpaper Coffee Cups 1000/CASE

  • 16 oz cups that are practical for everyday usage, and elegant for events and parties. Appropriate for your home, events, school, bathroom and more.
  • Elegant Vibe- these floral cups upgrade the ambience of any parties and events. Printed with beautiful floral patterns, these are an instant upgrade.
  • Leakproof- composed of tough, leak proof materials, these floral cups can withstand cold drinks without leaking or crumpling.
  • Disposable- the disposable cups allow you to relish the party without concerns of damaged glassware. Serve and dispose.
  • Food grade- the food grade materials used in the cups allow for safe usage with food and beverages.

Kraft Hot Cup Sleeves Paper Cup Jackets – Corrugated Coffee Cup Sleeves – Recyclable, Compostable – Fits most 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz

  • ★ Eliminates the need to waste extra cups for double cupping and prevent your customers' hands from burning while holding their hot beverage with these wonderful Sleeves.
  • ★ Our corrugated coffee cup sleeve easily slides over cups to provide an insulating layer of protection between the fingers and the hot surface
  • ★ Fits 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, or 20oz (ounce) hot paper cups
  • ★ Simply stack coffee cup sleeves up next to your cups and lids at your break station.
  • ✔ From coffee and hot chocolate to tea and cappuccino's, this sleeve is a perfect addition to your coffee shop, cafe, office, or concession stand
  • ✔ This product is also referred to as a coffee cup sleeve, hot cup sleeve, or hot cup jacket
  • ★ Cups sold separately
  • ★ Shipped with your selected quantity of Sleeves!